“AICT has quiet places for me to concentrate on my studies and all the computers and internet work fast.The AICT customer service are friendly and supportive. After researching all my options for the best institutions that suited my needs, I found AICT had the best in regards to location and flexibility. Being a central city location AICT is easily accessible by public transport. During my studies at AICT all my peers are supportive, and my lectures are very helpful. My plan is to work more efficiently by putting the practices and skills I have learnt during my course in the workplace.”

Tivanty Houn, AICT Student
BSB42015 Certificate IV in Leadership and Management (2018)


“I decided to start with Certificate IV and after that continue with a Diploma in IT Networking. I worked for Western Power for 4 weeks for my internship and it was very useful and a great experience. I learned a great deal and this also helped to improve my skillset. AICT helped me by preparing me for the interview and setting up the internship. I was also able to add this to my resume which was very important. I then began a part-time role at MercyCare where I am employed as a help desk officer and desktop support. I am very happy to work for MercyCare, where I am learning every day, gaining experience and improving my IT skills. My team are very friendly and helpful.”

Srdan Tomic, AICT Student
ICT50415 Diploma of Information Technology Networking (2018)


“During my training at AICT, I felt supported. Everyone at AICT were brilliant, the tutors had been amazing as they were always willing to go that ‘extra mile’ to help me with my studies. I didn’t feel scared to ask for help as they were so supportive and went above and beyond to answer my questions.I have utilised a lot of what AICT has taught that I thought I would never need, for example, their SQL and PowerShell units that were incorporated in the course has now helped me secure a job as a Service Manager in the industry. AICT has done a lot to help me achieve my goals of working in the industry and I can’t thank them enough as they have all helped me reach my dreams.”

Rhyno Saunderson, AICT Student
ICT40415 Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking (2017)

“From the start of my enrolment I was provided incredible service and support from the staff at AICT, as they took their time to explain to me and outline what my studies would look like and help me in the best way possible. The training was awesome, since changing to an in-class course, I was able to overcome my previous fears due to the help of the tutors that would clear up doubts right away. The premise is well structured with good facilities such as course books, computer labs, a library and a lounging area. AICT is also located in the heart of Perth CBD which is great when I’m on lunch break, I get a huge range of lunch choices whilst seeing the museum or the art centre nearby.”

Sangeetha Chetty, AICT Student
BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business (2018)


“After much research about the various institutions available, AICT seemed to be the best by far in terms of actual qualifications received and continual support. Everyone I’ve been in contact with so far have been absolutely fantastic. The staff are always friendly and happy to help.”

Adrian Joncevski, AICT Student
ICT40415 Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking (2018)


“During my Studies at AICT, I was able to obtain knowledge and certification relevant to the field that I wanted to work in through a Cert IV IT Networking after jumping from computer science at university. After my course had finished I had plenty of support and assistance finding real life working experience leading to plenty of job offers. I am now working as a Systems Engineer thanks to the well-rounded experience at AICT.” 

Joel M. AICT Student
ICT40415 Certificate IV in Information Technology Networking (2017)


Location details

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Perth WA 6000


Phone: +61 8 9382 9000 

Fax: +61 8 9382 9001

Email: enquiries@aict.wa.edu.au