My Australian Dream by Rhyno Saunderson

My Australian Dream by Rhyno Saunderson

02 Oct 2017

My Australian Dream by Rhyno Saunderson teaser

How Rhyno made his Australian Dream a reality...

I never expected to come to Australia, but when a friend recommended AICT as one of the best training providers to study at, I was excited to start my journey in Perth W.A. I was originally from South Africa and previously had a Diploma of I.T whilst working in the industry for 2 years. My dream was to go to Australia and work as a technician in the field, however when arriving to Perth, I found it difficult to find a job as I didn’t understand the Australian lifestyle and culture.

I took this as a challenge, and was enrolled at AICT to do a Certificate IV in Information Technology and Networking. Even though I had previous experience, I still had the fear of falling behind in my first year with the study load, which could mean I would have to go back to South Africa without achieving my goals.
During my training at AICT, I felt supported. Everyone at AICT were brilliant, the tutors had been amazing as they were always willing to go that ‘extra mile’ to help me with my studies. I didn’t feel scared to ask for help as they were so supportive and went above and beyond to answer my questions.

Even whilst I was studying, the PR Manager, Liz Fu, went out of her way to help me find an internship. She asked me what my personal interests and goals were, as I shared to her my dream of working in the Australian I.T industry and my fears of going back to South Africa empty handed. Liz listened to my every word and began to craft a personalised internship that would help me reach my goal.

I found that unlike most colleges, AICT has a lot of partnerships with companies. Liz was able to secure me an internship with a big company called Zettaserve who took me on as an I.T intern whilst I was still studying my course at AICT. Before finishing my studies, I was offered a part time job with Zettaserve which helped me pay for my next year of study at AICT. Not only did I achieve my dream with the help of AICT, I worked with large corporations like the Department of Housing, Legal Aid and Dampier Bunbury Pipeline. The practical and hands on experience I received from this job whilst completing my studies at the same time made me feel more confident in Australia.

AICT also helped me with my Visa Requirements. Liz gave me great advice on how to obtain a permanent residents Visa and recommended me highly to my employers which led me to receive a 457 Visa to stay in Perth.

I feel that AICT has set me up for success not only by organising my internship that led to me staying in Perth, but also the courses they offer that prepared me for the Australian workplace. I have utilised a lot of what AICT has taught that I thought I would never need, for example, their SQL and PowerShell units that were incorporated in the course has now helped me secure a job as a Service Manager in the industry. AICT has done a lot to help me achieve my goals of working in the industry and I can’t thank them enough as they have all helped me reach my dreams.

Thank you AICT and I wish you all the best for you and your future students.

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