From Singapore To Australia by Tin Jiun Hao

From Singapore To Australia by Tin Jiun Hao

09 Oct 2017

From Singapore To Australia by Tin Jiun Hao teaser

How Tin Jiun made it from working at his Fathers Singapore motor store to a full time IT career in Australia...

Before I came to Australia, I worked for my father in his auto mobile store since I was 12 years old. After completing my high school education, I decided to work in Singapore as a motorcycle industry supervisor for 3 months but did not enjoy the lifestyle there. At that time, a family member had just received their permanent residency visa in Australia, so I decided that I would go and study in Australia.

My overall goal to come to Australia was to find a job and receive an income so that I could support myself. I didn’t have any qualifications in the IT industry, but I had practical skills during my time as an engineer with my father. I struggled to find a job as I didn’t have my certifications that I needed.  The training premises at AICT were great and I had no issues at all. Their teachers were very helpful as they were eagerly willing to guide me with problems I had and help explain difficult theories that would help me understand. 

Many of my friends have asked how I was able to receive a full time job after studying. The AICT internship helped many of my friends whilst they studied, as they were placed with corporations that would allow us to apply the practical knowledge we had studied in class. The practical knowledge and experienced I gained at AICT allowed me to get my foot in the door of I.T and I’ve been working at ENBIT for now 4 years with no stress.

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